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Week 35-2019 (Aug 26th – Sep 01st) Contest Winners

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Week 35 of 2019 (Aug 26th – Sep 01st) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Kerstin Koring‎ – 522 votes

“27th August in Germany … Something BIG is coming” by Kerstin Koring

2nd place: Ferry Krauweel‎ – 265 votes

“The Netherlands this evening.” by Ferry Krauweel‎

3rd place: Glenn Mitchell‎ – 251 votes

“The Netherlands 27-8-2019” by Glenn Mitchell‎

4th place: Christian Kreuzer‎ – 192 votes

“supercell Amberg Germany 18/8/19” by Christian Kreuzer

5th place: Federico Pavan‎ – 157 votes

“CG lightning barrage of a thunderstorm over Mestre, Italy during the night between August 24th and 25th.” by Federico Pavan

6th place: Gregor Vojščak‎ – 155 votes

“Massive and beautifull HP supercell in SE Germany on June 10th 2019” by Gregor Vojščak‎

6th place: Matteo Tidili‎ – 155 votes

“Shelf Cloud, South Sardinia ” by Matteo Tidili‎

7th place: Raphael Michaelides – 151 votes

“Nicosia Cyprus 19/08/19” by Raphael Michaelides

8th place: Jakab Gyula Csaba -150 votes

“Last morning at 5:30 Oradea -Romania” by Jakab Gyula Csaba

9th place: Andi Dorninger‎ – 128 votes

“Massive Shelfcloud on the Dust Storm Event that impacts large portions of West Texas on June 5th.” by Andi Dorninger‎

10th place: Jesper Holmgren Evertsen‎ – 124 votes

“From Denmark yesterday. ” by Jesper Holmgren Evertsen‎

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