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Week 21-2019 (May 20th – May 26th) Contest Winners

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Week 21 of 2019 (May 20th – May 26th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Czirok Bence – 219 votes

“Spectacular arcus cloud with lightning near Kardoskút, Hungary” by Czirok Bence

2nd place: Mariateresa Tama Barbaro‎ – 217 votes

“12-05-2019 Roma” by Mariateresa Tama Barbaro‎

3rd place: Jarda Fous – 165 votes

“Not severe, but nice cirrus in Czech republic, 24th June 2017” by Jarda Fous

4th place: Rein Luehof – 155 votes

“Green beast” by Rein Luehof

5th place: Tommas Clancus – 150 votes

“Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany” by Tommas Clancus

6th place: Beata Mendakiewicz‎ – 147 votes

“Cavum, Poland” by Beata Mendakiewicz‎

7th place: Micha Popp – 146 votes

“The backside of a strong lightningstorm, taken on May 2015 somewhere in germany with my K5 and Sigma 10mm / F2.8 Fisheye” by Micha Popp

8th place: Valerie Vickland – 139 votes

“Weird clouds over Mount Shasta this spring – so many storms keep moving in from the Pacific” by Valerie Vickland

9th place: David Dondua – 138 votes

“LP Supercell over Tbilisi, Georgia (country). Today 5/26/2019” by David Dondua

10th place: Enric Navarrete Bachs‎ – 122 votes

“Night of electric storm from Lleida, Catalonia, a great night” by Enric Navarrete Bachs‎

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