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Week 17-2020 (Apr 20th – Apr 26th) Contest Winners

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Week 17 of 2020 (Apr 20th – Apr 26th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Brad Hannon – 629 votes

“SKY ON FIRE!!! The changing colours on the mammatus at sunset were incredible, almost as if the sky was on fire over Lubbock, Texas – June 12th 2015” by Brad Hannon

2nd place: Danijel Palčić – 244 votes

“Nice supercell over Cres island, just before sunset.. Lun, island of Pag, 8.9.2019” by Danijel Palčić

3rd place: Gregor Vojščak – 243 votes

“Close up view of supercell with large shelf cloud encountering large hill in W Slovenia on August 3rd 2019. Of course supercell lost the battle” by Gregor Vojščak

4th place: Šime Barešić – 182 votes

“Panoramic view of Lake Sticada and our beautiful Milky Way! The panorama consists of 11 vertical photographs. I took each photo 3 times and connected to reduce noise. Means all a total of 33 photos. 24.04.2020” by Šime Barešić

5th place: Andreas Feichtmeier‎ – 136 votes

“July 06th 2012 nice mothership from a hp-supercell near Breitbrunn at lake Ammersee in south Germany” by Andreas Feichtmeier‎

6th place: Maja Kraljik – 126 votes

“Summer, hot air, wild wind and the storm… One of the most beautiful structures of shelf cloud from 2017, that I chased over NW Istria in the late afternoon. Honestly, now it’s weird to see more people in one place and less than 2m away… July 24th, 2017. NW Adriatic, Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

7th place: Péter Kövesi‎ – 123 votes

“The milky way at dawn from Hungary. 22.04.2020. 3:28” by Péter Kövesi‎

8th place: Philipp Kantz‎ – 111 votes

“Supercell with Wallcloud. On April 18, 2020 at Weng im Innkreis (Upper Austria)” by Philipp Kantz‎

9th place: Menno van der Haven – 107 votes

“One of the best shelf clouds I ever observed in the Netherlands. Due to severe wind gusts Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was closed for some time. There were probably a few HP supercells embedded in the squall line, as can be seen in the photograph. Vleuten/Utrecht, July 17, 2004” by Menno van der Haven

10th place: Florian Sabo – 105 votes

“Mammatus clouds after a weak line of storms in SE Bavaria (Germany) two days ago on April 18 2020” by Florian Sabo

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