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Week 14-2019 (Apr 01st – Apr 07th) Contest Winners

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Week 14 of 2019 (Apr 1st – Apr 07th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Devid Raziel Penguti‎ – 196 votes

“Storm is near, Polesine, 02.07.14” by Devid Raziel Penguti

2nd place: Jernej Lipovec – 122 votes

“Hailstorm with shelf cloud passing my position in SE Austria on 7.8.2018.” by Jernej Lipovec

3rd place: Marco Secci‎ – 121 votes

“31/03/2019 – Sardinia, Italy.” by Marco Secci‎

4th place: Adam Likar‎ – 92 votes

“Mammatus clouds and anvil cloud of a nice thunderstorm on 3rd April 2019 over Krško basin, Slovenia” by Adam Likar

5th place: John Koh‎ – 88 votes

“sea of clouds after the morning rain, Hong Kong, two weeks ago” by John Koh

6th place: George Charalambous‎ – 83 votes

“Thunderstorm over Nicosia, Cyprus  30/03/19” by George Charalambou

7th place: Gorazd Bizjan‎ – 81 votes

“A piece of rainbow. Medvode, April 3, 2019” by Gorazd Bizjan

7th place: Rolf Besseler‎ – 81 votes

“Gronau NRW, Germany ; 24. 06. 2016” by Rolf Besseler

8th place: Robson Portela Dipp – 77 votes

“Soledade, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. 21 december, 2016.” by Robson Portela Dipp

8th place: Fred Knoxx‎ – 77 votes

“CB in the distance, Brussels, 3th april 19” by Fred Knoxx

9th place: Tóth Gábor Gyula‎ – 74 votes

“LP supercell near the hungarian-romanian border, 2017.07.17. Nagylak” by Tóth Gábor Gyula

10th place: Justyna Cieślak‎ – 73 votes

“Sunset ..amazing clouds, Poland” by Justyna Cieślak

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