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Severe Weather Photography Contest – Winners of Week #04 of 2021 (Jan 25th – Jan 31th)


Week 04 of 2021 (Jan 25th – Jan 31th)

The winning photographs are based on the highest number of votes received on a weekly basis by followers of the Severe Weather Photography Contest Facebook page. Please read the Contest participation Guides and Rules.



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1st place – WINNER: Andreas Feichtmeier – 318 votes


“05/24/2016 Massive supercell with a nice wallcloud and two tornados on the ground near Dodge City, Kansas.” by Andreas Feichtmeier


2nd place: Michael Ru – 245 votes


“Lenzerheide Switzerland 25.01. 2021.. Rainbowring at a mountainlake” by Michael Ru


3rd place: Jeroen Vanheers – 151 votes


“Beautiful storm near Caen (FR) on August 12, 2020.” by Jeroen Vanheers


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4th place: Marc Favre – 147 votes


“Storm on Vevey, Switzerland. 2020/07/22.As I was trying to catch some lightning behind the Mont Pelerin, sudenly this one appeared right in front of me.” by Marc Favre


5th place: Gabriel Zaparolli – 146 votes


“Great Shelf Cloud approaching the city.Torres, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil • December 19, 2020” by Gabriel Zaparolli


6th place: Tammo Weseloh – 104 votes


“Sunday morning near 27383 Scheeßel in the north of Germany.15 cm snow,-14°C and a foggy night build wonderful this trees!” by Tammo Weseloh


7th place: Kovács Krisztián Multi Sakal – 97 votes


“Morning 2020.01.11.Hungary” by Kovács Krisztián Multi Sakal


8th place: Tomaž Bergoč – 93 votes


“Full moon and high snow at our cabin in Slovenian mountains (27.1.2021, Kambrce under Mt. Snežnik)” by Tomaž Bergoč


9th place: Przemek Mielczarek – 86 votes


“Torzym Poland 27.01.2021.” by Przemek Mielczarek


10th place: Maja Kraljik- 85 votes


“The beginning of the evening when the line started to form was really crazy,I hadn’t seen such lightnings in a long time.
The goal was positive lightning but at the very beginning there was a lot of IC lightnings.
And then after I changed positions 100 times that night,counting on the best frame,positive lightning strikes-but right behind this boat…As happy as I was,I was also angry and unhappy.Aug 29th,2020.NW Istria,Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

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