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Very hot weather in parts of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy today – August 6, 2018

Very hot weather continues across much of western and parts of central Europe today. Temperatures will be in the upper 30s, approaching 40 °C in parts of France and Italy. Southwestern Iberian peninsula gets the tail end of the ongoing heat wave today, with temperatures again above 40 °C.


Large parts of France will get well above 30 °C today. Central France, parts of southern and extreme southwestern France will peak up to 36-37 °C. Especially southwestern France will likely push up to 38-39 °C.


North and central Italy wil push into upper 30s today. Peak temperatures are likely to reach 36-37 °C. In addition, the airmass in the plains of north Italy will be very humid, with dewpoints in low to mid 20s! Very humid air and likely very uncomfortable heat there.

Spain and Portugal

The heat wave that has gripped the region for a week now finaly slowly abates. Still, temperatures are expected to reach well above 40 °C today. Temperatures up to 40-43 °C are expected in Andalusia and Extremadura in Spain, while eastern and southeastern Portugal may go up to 42-44 °C.

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