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Post-tropical cyclone Ophelia to hit Ireland today – update (8:30 UTC)

Post-tropical cyclone Ophelia will make landfall in Ireland late this morning to early afternoon. Expect a very severe and damaging windstorm with wind gusts peaking at 130-160 km/h, up to 190 km/h at higher elevations. This is a potentially very dangerous situation!

Latest airmass view of post-tropical cyclone Ophelia as it nears Ireland. Image: EUMETSAT.

Ophelia has transitioned into a post-tropical cyclone, still packing hurricane-force winds: up to 130-135 km/h sustained, gusts well above 150 km/h. Central pressure is 968 mbar and the system is tracking NNE towards landfall in southern Ireland early this afternoon.

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Various high-resolution models are in good agreement: widespread severe to very severe winds across Ireland, Wales and Northern Ireland gusting at 120-150 km/h, locally up to 160 km/h. Expect winds gusting up to 180-190 km/h at higher elevations and in exposed areas.

Latest ARPEGE model guidance: on track to hit S Ireland late in the morning, track along the island over the afternoon. Expect winds gusting up to 140-160 km/h along the SW coast, up to 180-190 km/h at higher elevations. 120-160 km/h peak gusts across much of Ireland and parts of Wales, locally possibly more at higher elevations. Click on map to enlarge. Maps:

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Expect the southern parts of Ireland to be hit first, with strong storm to hurricane-force winds late in the morning to early afternoon. As the system tracks NNE-wards, strong storm to locally hurricane-force winds will spread across much of the island.

This is a potentially very dangerous situation, that may result in damage in property and loss of life. Follow any instructions given by your national weather service. Check back for regular updates!