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EXTREME heat with up to +44 °C develops over Portugal this weekend

It has been quite hot lately over the Iberian peninsula, with temperatures between 35 to 40 °C in the past days. Precisely over south-southwest Spain and southern Portugal. While the rest of Europe remains ‘trapped’ in cold weather pattern. Extreme heat conditions are now worsening over Portugal and Spain, as an extreme heatwave is expected this weekend. Temperatures should push well above 40 °C, locally reaching near 43-44 °C.

Weekend pattern over Europe


Attached is the pattern evolution from today until Sunday. The upper ridge is placed over the North Atlantic, with a mid-upper trough to its east across the European continent. With the strengthening ridge into northern Europe, trough with upper low moves south this weekend.

Weekend pattern over Europe. Graphics: WXCHARTS.COM

Ridge also develop over southwest Europe, resulting in stable conditions. Therefore, supporting a strengthening heatwave. After Sunday, a weak upper low seems possible to enter Iberia from the west, washing away the extreme heat.

Weekend pattern over Europe. Graphics: WXCHARTS.COM
Heatwave strengthens over Iberia


Thursday, July 16th


Conditions are already supporting a very hot day today, locally near +40 °C. The hottest areas are over southern Portugal and southwestern Spain.

Maximum temperatures. Graphics: WXCHARTS.COM /
Friday, July 17th


however, it looks like the peak will be tomorrow, Friday, July 17th. The temperatures should reach 42-44 °C in some areas. Local topography could help to result in higher peaks in some valleys. Mainly due to the foehn effect of the east-northeast winds.

Maximum temperatures. Graphics: WXCHARTS.COM /
Saturday, July 18th


The final day of extreme heat over Portugal seems to be on Saturday when temperatures could again push into around 42 °C across part of southern Portugal and southwestern Spain. However, peak daytime temperatures will be shy lower than on Friday.

Maximum temperatures. Graphics: WXCHARTS.COM /
Sunday, July 19th


The extreme heatwave does seem to end up rather quickly, as a short-wave trough/low enters Iberia from the west on Sunday. This should bring some storms and cool down the air mass. Temperatures could still reach the upper 30s and should stay below 40 °C into next week.

Maximum temperatures. Graphics: WXCHARTS.COM

Stay alert for dangerous high heat and wildfire conditions!

There is also a scorching heat across parts of United States this week:

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