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Extreme heat across parts of Australia will continue and even intensify through the next 4-6 days, Jan 20-26th

The ongoing extreme heat wave across a large part of Australia is expected to continue into mid next week – mid-afternoon temperatures will peak into 46-49 °C on each day again!

Based on the 850 mbar temperature anomaly maps, continuing extreme heat wave with locally more than 10-14 °C above normal values is expected. This will push afternoon near-surface temperatures well above 45 °C again, likely approaching 48 or even 49 °C again!

Here is the 2 m temperature in the afternoon hours from tomorrow, Sunday Jan 20th until Thursday, Jan 24th. Heat wave will be the most intense across central Australia this weekend, spreading into south and southwest parts through early/mid next week and reaching southeast Australia in the second half of the week while southwest parts finally get some relief at that time:

GFS model guidance for the temperature anomaly and peak values through the following 5-day period suggest a very large part of the continent will see above 45 °C. The overall anomaly indicate Australia will experience very hot weather almost across the whole country.

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