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LIVE: Arctic cold outbreak spreading across the west-central CONUS tonight (Continental United States)

As we discussed yesterday, an intense Arctic cold outbreak will spread across the western half of the US through the early days of this week. A very powerful trough is moving in from the North Pacific will bring extreme temperature change of more than 25 °C / ~ 50 °F lower temperatures than only 24 hours before. Below are the live updates.

The temperature map across the CONUS – we can see a sharp cold front is extending from the Great Lakes region across the central Plains into the Southwest US:

The windchill map (a combination of temperature and winds) reveal the real feel of the temperature is already pretty extreme into negative values °F across Wyoming, eastern North Dakota and northern Minnesota. In °C that means 15-20 °C below zero!

Close-up view over the temperature change across the state of Oklahoma in the past 24 hours – sharp drop of temperature in central Oklahoma but extreme (more than 40 °F / 24 hrs) temperature change across the Panhandles:

It is impressive to see the station observation, here is a great example for eastern Colorado. After yesterday’s spring time values (above +20 °C / 68 °F) temperature dropped below freezing. A change of 26 °C (that’s a drop of 47F from 66F to 19F) occurred in Denver while a change of 22 °C (that’s a drop of 40F from 70F to 30F) was recorded in La Junta!

The model guidance remain on track with the previous thinking – the Arctic airmass will continue moving across the south and southwest US until Thursday when it also spreads futher east across the CONUS:

See also the previous two mesoscale forecast discussions:

*UPDATE* – rapidly intensifying extra-tropical cyclone near Iceland tonight, pressure should drop 25-30 mbar through Saturday while the system grows much bigger

Remarkable temperature drop from low 80s to mid-20s °F with the intense cold outbreak across the central Plains, USA