Here is a short update on the developing Arctic outbreak across the United States today. While extremely cold airmass spreads into the Dakotas and Great Lakes region, a strong warm advection spreads into the East Coast and NE US. This creates a very impressive temperature contrast between these regions. Parts of NE US warm into the mid 50s, while Minnesota plunges into the extreme cold with temperature around -15 °F – more than 70 °F difference!

The Arctic outbreak across southern Canada towards Dakotas and Great Lakes is best seen on the 850 mbar temperature anomaly, bringing near 20 °C below normal temperatures on Tuesday. Ahead of the Arctic front, warm advection pushes into NE US and results in near 15 °C above normal temperatures.

Temperature contrast will be the most extreme on Tuesday, Dec 10th – while there will be near 25 °F above normal temperature anomaly (50-55 °F) across East Coast and NE United States, Arctic outbreak delivers more than 30 °F below normal temperatures (10-15 °C below zero) across the northern US – near 70 °F difference! Attached are a couple of impressive images:

Such sharp temperature/pressure contrast will result in a powerful 190+ knots jet stream above the ENE CONUS, helping airlines to shorten the eastbound flights.

Refer to the main forecast for the powerful Arctic outbreak underway now:

A new *intense Arctic cold outbreak* develops over the north-northeast United States through the next few days, Dec 8-12th

Meanwhile in Australia… heatwaves with up to +45 °C hit the large part of the continent!

*Heat waves* Windstorms attack Northern Europe, Arctic cold invades North America, but a whole nother beast threatens Australia, raising temperatures above 45°C!

Meanwhile in Europe… powerful cyclones are ongoing over the western Europe and North Atlantic!

A powerful windstorm with major waves will develop over Ireland, SW England, Wales and NW France tomorrow, another windstorm for western North Sea on Monday

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