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Week 7-8 (February 13-26, 2017) Contest Winners

The WINNER among the 23 entries in Week 7-8 is: Rick Bekker with 99 votes

1. place – WINNER: Rick Bekker – 99 votes

“Early morning shelfcloud from a storm that once was a supercell. Moving through the North Sea waters when it slowely becomes linear. This storm gives us some epic structures at 05:30 in the morning over the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage called Kinderdijk.” by Rick Bekker.

2. place: Stavros Kesedakis – 89 votes

“Amazing supercell exploding over Greensburg ,Kansas on May 8th 2016 JWSevereWeather/Cyclone of Rhodes” by Stavros Kesedakis.

3. place: Sebastian Stöttinger‎ – 81 votes

“Who’s ready for the 2017 storm season???” by Sebastian Stöttinger‎.

4. place: Elisah Vanhee – 67 votes

“What a day…June 1, 2015 … who remembers this one? The well known Rapid City supercell….Was editing some older pictures and come across this one..Hope you all enjoy it…” by Elisah Vanhee.

5. place: Roby Dolnicar‎ – 51 votes

“Early morning lightning strike in Croatia coast near Pula” by Roby Dolnicar‎.

6. place: Angelo Jolink – 47 votes

“06.05.2015 near Schalbruch in Germany..” by Angelo Jolink.

7. place: Sven Swalef – 30 votes

“Supercell on the Adriatic sea, near the town of Novigrad on the 10’th of August 2016 @ holiday camp Aminess Mareda during holiday” by Sven Swalef.

7. place: Sean Needham – 30 votes

“Puig-reig, North-central Catalonia, Spain… Can’t remember if it was last August or August 2015, on a modified Nikon D300 with a IR detection trigger” by Sean Needham.

8. place: Kevin Smetryns‎ – 27 votes

“Belgium, 2015. Hail is flying but the rainbow starts dying.” by Kevin Smetryns‎.

9. place: Elisah Vanhee – 25 votes

“Very windy where I stood, you see it clearly at my face expression and hair ;) Was near Dighton, Kansas on May 27th, 2015 when I was on tour with ETT….Love the structure of this supercell!!!” by Elisah Vanhee.

9. place: Mathijs Strijards‎ – 25 votes

“A wallcloud dragging itself over the Belgian landscape. June 22cnd, near Langemark-Poelkapelle” by Mathijs Strijards‎.

10. place: Jeroen Vanheers‎ – 19 votes

“Our first mini-chase of the year here in Belgium yesterday (15 february 2017). A shelfcloud ahead of a squal line near Loppem (West-Flanders, Belgium)” by Jeroen Vanheers‎.

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