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Week 20 (May 15-21) Contest Winners

Week 20 (May 15-21) Contest Winners

The WINNER among the 23 entries in Week 20 is:

1. place – WINNER: Boris Jordan‎ – 147 votes

“Beast Approaching – Approaching HP-Supercell on 19.05.2017 near Karsdorf (Saxony-Anhalt) west of Leipzig” by Boris Jordan.

2. place: Steve Cutajar – 65 votes

“Beautiful back-building storm that hit Malta on the 30th October 2015. Plenty of CG lighting and well…just an amazing show to watch. Must have been a close call for that ship!” by Steve Cutajar.

3. place: Menno van der Haven – 52 votes

“This slow moving storm from 18 may 2008 produced dangerous -cloud-to-ground-lightning near the city of Tirgu Mures, Romania.
Several CG’s struck almost in the same place time after time, so it was easy where to aim my camera. Biggest fear was the risk that I would be struck by lightning, so I took most shots from the entrance of my greenhouse, where I felt more comfortable….” by Menno van der Haven.

4. place: Patrick Kranjc – 50 votes

“Most impressive lightning show ever over Bratislava, Slovakia on 29.05.2016 after sunset. Combined from around 50 single shots. Many hours of editing. ©Patrick Krajnc” by Patrick Kranjc.

5. place: Michiel Baatsen – 48 votes

“Amazing supercell just south of Erick, Oklahoma on 16 May 2017” by Michiel Baatsen.

6. place: Jef Turelinckx‎ – 43 votes

“12-05-2017 – First shelfcloud of the year for me Westerlo” by Jef Turelinckx‎.

7. place: Michele Sensi – 38 votes

“13.05 2017” by Michele Sensi.

8. place: Nikola Pavlovic – 35 votes

“Supercell near Wapello, IA, 5/17/17. It produced hail up to 1.75in in diameter” by Nikola Pavlovic.

8. place: Monoranjan Sarkar‎ – 35 votes

“19.05.2017” by Monoranjan Sarkar‎.

9. place: Jorrit De Haas‎ – 33 votes

“12-05-2017 Shelfcloud Giessenburg The Netherlands” by Jorrit De Haas‎.

10. place: Jan Vitez – 30 votes

“Harvesting while a storm is closing. The storm produced golf ball sized hail! 13. 7. 2016, NE Slovenia” by Jan Vitez.

10. place: Linda van den Berg‎ – 30 votes

“12-5-2017 Gouda, the Netherlands. We don’t get a lot of goodlooking storms… But my This was a beautifull one!” by Linda van den Berg‎.

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