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Waterspouts along the western coast of Italy – July 11-12, 2018

Several waterspouts were reported along the western coast of Italy yesterday and today, including one that made landfall on a beach and produced some damage.

The most spectacular was definitely one of several waterspouts that formed off the coast of Torvaianica (RM), Lazio, central Italy. This one made landfall on the beach and produced considerable damage before dissipating – in addition to frightening the beachgoers.

There were several waterspouts just off the coast of Torvaianica, probably forming along a coastal convergence.

Most waterspouts are non-mesocyclonic, which means they do not form in the same way as most tornadoes that you see in Tornado alley. They can form in relatively calm weather under ordinary cumulus clouds, but they can also accompany thunderstorms. Most are relatively weak, but as seen with this case, they can still produce damage and airborne debris can pose a major threat to people.

Other waterspouts were reported along the coast of Italy yesterday and today.

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