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Extreme heat across Algeria, NW Africa this month

The pattern across Europe and Mediterranean this month has been supporting a significant and persistent heat wave across northwestern Africa. Daily temperatures were peaked towards 50 °C there.

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The city of Ouargla, Algeria set a new maximum temperature record on July 5th – 51.3°C, which is the all-time highest reliable temperature measurement for Africa!

We have seen such a map almost every day this week, with normal to near normal daily max temperatures across Europe, but violet colors across Algeria and vicinity. Extreme heat has been a daily occurrence, with 46-50 °C max afternoon temperatures! The map below is valid for yesterday, July 11th. Some stations have recorded similar values since the 1st of July already. Notice very warm to hot weather across Scandinavia as well. Also, near-normal extreme heat will maintain also across Middle East. It is hot there!

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Here is the trend for the next 5 days, revealing continuing above average heat wave across the NW Africa. The pattern is likely to support a northward extension of the wave towards the Mediterranean, so we can expect the return of much warmer weather next week. Temperatures well above 30 °C expected across southern France and Italy.

Another area of continuing very warm weather is Scandinavia. Recall that there was a significant heat wave there some time ago? The very warm period will continue through mid July, with daily max temperatures nearing 30 °C or even exceeding this “hot day” threshold.

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