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Severe thunderstorms hit France and Germany – August 9, 2018

As expected, western and central Europe were hit by severe thunderstorms today. Storms with severe straight line winds, large hail and torrential rainfall, causing flash flooding, were reported in parts of France and Germany.

Thunderstorms with severe straight line winds and large hail were reported in the morning and early afternoon in central and northeastern France. Meanwhile, persistent training storms produced major flash flooding in parts of southern and southeastern France.

Lightning tracks across western Europe on August 9: note the continuous tracks starting over W France and continuing across central France into BeNeLux and Germany, produced by organized thunderstorms / squall lines. Lots of activity in southern France, where training storms produced persistent torrential rainfall and flooding. Also some (severe) thunderstorms in N-NW Italy! Map:

Activity moved into western, north and central Germany in the afternoon. The Frankfurt International Airport suspended flights for 30 minutes during the passage of the squall line. Preliminary analyses indicate damaging straight line winds in excess of 140 km/h were recorded at several locations (more info soon).

Lightning tracks across Germany on August 9: much activity over western, northwestern and northern Germany. Note the long tracks, indicating discrete storms / squall lines. Map: