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Partial Solar eclipse for north Europe tomorrow – August 11, 2018

North Europe will see a partial Solar eclipse on August 11. The eclipse will visible in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and NW Russia. The best place to see the exlipse will be the extreme north of Norway and Svalbard Island.

The eclipse happens between 8:30 UTC and 10:00 UTC. The southern limit of eclipse runs across the northernmost part of Scotland, extreme south of Norway, southern Sweden and central Latvia. Iceland will see about 20% maximum eclipse, as will northern Sweden and central Finland. The northernmost part of Norway will see ~30% maximum eclipse. Svalbard will see about 43-44% eclipse.

Map of August 11, 2018 partial Solar eclipse by NASA. 0.20 = 20% eclipse, 0.40 = 40% eclipse, 0.60 = 60% eclipse.

Solar eclipse safety!

Observe the eclipse *only* with proper filters. Solar filters can be obtained from astronomical equipment dealers! Do not use other equipment, which may result in permanent eye damage!