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The satellite presentation of the historical #Calima sand storm over the Canary Islands this week

Here is the new update of the still ongoing historical sand storm #Calima from the Morrocan desert onto the Canary islands and further west. Satellite imagery yesterday revealed a spectacular presentation of the sand curving in bands around the low-pressure system over the region. The event is now gradually weakening but the sand is likely to spread into southwest Europe through the next weekend!

Satellite imagery from Feb 24th – nicely visible layers of sand ingested into the cyclonic bands around the upper (and surface) low. Images also include GOES-East geocolor satellite view of a low-pressure system southwest of the #CapeVerde Islands, off the coast of Northwest #Africa.

Here is another great satellite view of the aerosol detection, a very thick layer of sand was seen yesterday! Attached is also the animation of the severe #Calima dust storm ongoing over the Canary Islands and towards the Iberian peninsula this week (by the NASA GEOS 5 animation):

Here are the graphics representing the historical sand storm with PM10 particles in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Notice the three consecutive days of sand blasts shooting into more than 3500 μg/m^3 on Feb 24th:

Additional reports of the incredible scene:

Wildfires are finally under control now!

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