The heat wave across southern and western parts of the Iberian peninsula continues through mid this week. Daytime highs reached 37 °C on Monday and around 35 °C on Tuesday. Two more days of hot weather for this period is expected before cooling arrives with the frontal system on Friday.

Daytime highs reached up to near 35 °C yesterday: Beja (Portugal) reached 34.0 °C while Badajoz (Spain) reached 34.6 °C. These are extremely high temperatures for this period, up to 12-15 °C hotter than average!

Peak temperatures across the Iberian peninsula on
Tuesday, May 14th. Map: Meteociel.

Two more days (Wednesday and Thursday) of hot weather are expected across south-southwest parts of the Iberian peninsula while cooler weather arrives on Friday – here are the latest model trends:

The heat wave so far:

Portugal and Spain hit 38 °C on Monday, heat wave across parts of Iberian peninsula continues

SW Portugal hit 37 °C on Sunday, further hot weather expected parts of Portugal and Spain!