The historic and record-breaking heat wave continues across parts of western Europe. Yet another extremely hot day occurred yesterday – July 24th. Many locations have already shatterred their all-time heat records, although the hottest day is expected to be Thursday, July 25th! New record values were set across NE France, BeNeLux and W Germany!

The heat wave peaks today – July 25th – as another EXTREMELY hot day is expected today – likely with even higher temperatures than have been recorded yesterday.

UPDATE: Record-breaking heat wave peaks today, all time maximum temperature records likely to be broken – July 25th

Widespread extremely hot temperatures were reached yesterday, as warm advection through the lowest levels intensified to almost its highest anomaly (which is expected today, Thursday, July 25th). Many regions experienced from 38-42 °C during the peak afternoon hours!

Maximum temperatures across western Europe on Wednesday, July 24th. Map: Ogimet

The Netherlands

Eindhoven hit an incredible +39.3 °C which broke the old record of +38.6 °C from Warnsveld back on the 3rd of August, 1944. Below are the highest temperatures across the Netherlands yesterday, July 25th.

+39.3 °C in Eindhoven
+39.2 °C in Arcen Aws
+39.2 °C in Ell
+39.2 °C in Gilze-Rijen
+38.9 °C in Volkel
+38.6 °C in Maastricht Airport
+38.5 °C in Hupsel Aws
+36.4 °C in De Bilt (shattering its old record of +35.7 °C)

Maximum temperatures over the Netherlands on Wednesday, July 24th. Map: Weerplaza


An unofficial record of +40.5 °C was reached in Geilenkirchen, beating its previous record of +40.3 °C recorded in Kitzingen on the 5th of July 2015 and 7th of August 2015. Here are the highest temperatures across Germany yesterday, July 25th:

+40.5 °C in Geilenkirchen
+40.2 °C in Saarbrücken-Burbach
+39.9 °C in Bath-Neuenahr / Ahrweiler
+39.7 °C in Weilerswist-Lommer
+39.7 °C in Noervenich
+39.5 °C in Bonn-Roleber
+39.5 °C in Koeln / Bonn
+39.2 °C in Andernach
+39.1 °C in Duesseldorf
+39.1 °C in Lingen
+39.0 °C in Koblenz Falckenstein
+38.7 °C in Trier-Petrisberg
+38.0 °C in Frankfurt / M-Flughafen
+38.0 °C in Essen

Maximum temperatures over Germany on Wednesday, July 24th. Map: Meteociel


An absolute record was broken with an unofficial report of +40.3 °C in Herhet. In addition also +39.4 °C in Schaffen and +39.3 °C in Diepenbeek both exceeded the previous record of +38.8 °C in Hechtel Eksel on July 2nd, 2015 and July 27th, 2018. Attached are the highest temperatures across Belgium yesterday, July 25th.

+39.4 °C in Schaffen
+39.3 °C in Diepenbeek
+38.5 °C in Retie
+38.3 °C in Dourbes
+38.1 °C in Bierset
+37.7 °C in Sint Katelijne-waver
+37.5 °C in Buzenol
+37.5 °C in Charleroi / Gosselies
+37.3 °C in Ernage
+37.1 °C in Antwerpen / Deurne
+36.8 °C in Humain
+36.7 °C in Bruxelles National
+36.3 °C in Chievres
+36.1 °C in Stabroek
+35.9 °C in Spa / La Sauveniere
+35.9 °C in Uccle
+35.8 °C in Elsenborn


The highest temperatures across France yesterday, July 24th:

+42.5 °C in Saint Martinien
+42.1 °C in Chateauvilain
+41.7 °C in Vassincourt
+41.5 °C in Daglan
+41.3 °C in Vichy (absolute record)
+41.3 °C in Brive-Laroche
+41.2 °C in Tournon sur Rhône
+41.1 °C in Lyon
+40.7 °C in Bonnat
+40.6 °C in Gambais
+40.6 °C in Saint Dizier
+40.6 °C in Vieillevie
+40.6 °C in Fontainebleau
+40.6 °C in Jarny
+40.4 °C in Auxerre
+40.4 °C in Troyes
+40.3 °C in Saint Maur
+40.3 °C in Charolles
+40.2 °C in Bourges
+40.2 °C in Avord
+40.1 °C in Nancy – Essey
+40.0 °C in Carpentras
+40.0 °C in Clermont Ferrand
+22.8 °C in Mont Ventoux (elevation: 1900 m ASL)

Maximum temperatures over France on Wednesday, July 24th. Map: Meteociel

The heat wave has also been quite strong across the UK agian. SE England peaked into the low 30s – Wattisham reported 33.1 °C!

In the Iberian peninsula, the highest temperatures were again recorded across NE and S Spain with several stations again exceeding +40 °C threshold with Zaragoza (Spain) being the highest with 40.9 °C.

Top 15 METAR / SYNOP official stations with the highest temperatures across the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany yesterday, July 24th:

Top 15 METAR / SYNOP official stations with the highest temperatures across Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Spain yesterday, July 24th:

Top 15 METAR / SYNOP official stations with the highest temperatures across Norway, Sweden and Finland yesterday, July 24th:

It will be even hotter today, across the large part of western Europe! Potential exists for even highest temperatures than yesterday. Belgium, the Netherlands, England and W Germany could set their heat records even higher! We are closely monitoring the evolution and will keep you updated – stay tuned!

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