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Intense cold front over the Adriatic region this weekend: reports

As expected, an intense cold front passed the Adriatic region on August 25 and 26. It produced widespread thunderstorms with exceptional lightning rates, torrential rainfall, hail and waterspouts.

Daytime highs acros the northern Adriatic region were pushed from 32-35 °C range on August 24 to 15-18 °C on August 26.

Intense lightning storms hit the northern Adriatic from the Po delta in north Italy to the Trieste Gulf and all the way south to Split.

Nearly 170 000 lightning flashes were detected across the Adriatic on August 26-27! Map:

Lightning storm over the Gulf of Trieste, north Adriatic.

Close range lightning strike into a sail boat mast in Muggia, Gulf of Trieste.

Lightning storm over Mali Lošinj, Croatia (north Adriatic). Photo: Vilson Berisha.

Lightning storm over Lošinj Island, Croatia (north Adriatic). Photo: Sandro Puncet.

Storm chaser Tobias Hammer caught this impressive supercell near Lugo, north Italy:

A major waterspout was recorded near Split, Croatia on August 26.

Waterspout near Podstrana, Croatia over central Adriatic. August 26. Photo: Zana Hrkac /

Photo: Ruža Žilić Ivanišević /

The cold front also dumped significant amounts of snow high in the Alps. This was one of the most intense and possibly the most intense cold front of the season in this region, however, it continues the pattern of unusually weakly organized storms in a region well known for intense squall lines and supercells (like the June 28, 2017 setup, for example). The region also produces the most lightning in Europe. A new cold front is expected in the second half of the week, more on this system soon.