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Enormous waterspout near Split, Croatia – August 26, 2018

Numerous waterspouts were reported along the Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea on Sunday, August 26 as cold air overspread the region in the wake of the intense cold front. A particularly large waterspout formed near Split, Croatia last Sunday, as recorded by many eyewitnesses.

The waterspout was recorded very close to the coast of the Adriatic sea near Split, Croatia. The waterspout formed near Grljevac and made landfall near Podstrana.

Waterspout near Podstrana, Croatia over central Adriatic. August 26. Photo: Zana Hrkac /

Photo: Ruža Žilić Ivanišević /


Late summer and autumn is waterspout season in Croatia: the Adriatic sea remains very warm while increasingly deep troughs and cutoff lows bring conditions favourable for waterspout formation, for both mesocyclonic and non-mesocyclonic waterspouts.

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