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Extreme heat with low 40s across Spain yesterday, very hot near +40 °C also over S France and Portugal – July 22nd

The heat wave is now imminent and the first extremely hot temperatures were recorded across SW Europe yesterday. Locally, temperatures climbed up to near 40 °C in S France and Portugal while Spain peaked up to almost 42 °C!

Across the Iberian peninsula, the highest temperatures were recorded across E/S Portugal, WSW and NE Spain. Locally up to almost 42 °C – Andajur (Spain).

Maximum temperatures over Iberian peninsula on Monday, July 22nd. Map: Meteociel.

The highest temperatures over France peaked at almost 40 °C, recorded over SE and SW parts of France, 39.6 °C – Carpentras.

Maximum temperatures over France on Monday, July 22nd. Map: Meteociel.

Top 15 METAR / SYNOP stations with the highest temperatures across Portugal, Spain and France yesterday, July 22nd:

Additional extremely hot days with even higher temperatures are expected today and until Friday. See forecast details:

INTENSE heat with near-record breaking temperatures (above 40 °C locally possible) will develop across Benelux, W Germany and N France this week, July 23-26th

Very hot weather will also develop over England this week:

Hot weather across parts of the UK in the next 3-4 days