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Extreme cold and destructive frost with close to -10 °C across parts of Europe this morning, April 1st

Weather does not take jokes, even it’s April’s Fool day today. As we expected, it has been a very cold morning today, April 1st. Many countries have reported extremely low morning temperatures, between -5 and -10 °C in many areas! Even below -10 °C in some of the lowlands, e.g. northern Czechia, southwest Poland, northern Moldova, southern Ukraine. The morning frost was destructive for fruit trees and crops, unfortunately. Another very cold night ahead tonight, then the cold pool vanishes by Friday.

Here are the minimum temperatures across parts of Europe today:



There is another very cold night ahead tonight, with again well bellow -5 °C in many areas tomorrow morning, Thursday Apr 2nd. Some areas with higher relative humidity, so frost should potentially be more significant. While the cold finally vanishes by Friday, its morning will still be very cold across the east-central Europe and the Balkans:

First days of April 2020 with very cold and frosty mornings in many areas – *HIGH RISK* for damaging frost