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Beautiful snowflake and ice crystal photos submitted by our readers

Sometimes the most enchanting beauty of weather events is hidden in near the microscopic realm. Such is the case with snowflakes and ice crystals. It is often said that no two snowflakes are alike, and while that may or many not be entirely true, they are certainly beautiful. Water ice crystallizes in hexagonal crystalline form, hence the six-sided snowflakes.

We all like to admire the crystal shapes of snowflakes, but capturing it on photo is a bit of a challenge – requiring macro photography. It requires good light, proper equipment and technique – and keeping your warm breath away from the snowflake!

With the freezing cold across parts of Europe, some of our readers have also taken up freezing bubble photography: photographing soap bubbles rapidly freezing, forming beautiful hexagonal and fern-like crystal patterns. Here are several beautiful examples of macro photos of snowflakes and freezing bubbles recently sent to us by our readers. Enjoy!

Lenka Zapletalová / Lenka Zapletalova Photography

Peter Gartner, Třebařov, Czech Republic.

Pavel Gramatikov, Bulgaria.

Ieva Gustaitė-Jonauskienė, Lithuania.

Jarda Fous, Belec, Czech Republic.