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Temperatures peak at almost +46 °C in Portugal yesterday, Aug 2nd

As expected, the heat wave across the Iberian peninsula intensified yesterday, Aug 2, and peaked at almost +46 °C in central Portugal.


Here are max temperatures yesterday – the highest recorded was +45.7 °C at the station Mora in central Portugal. Below are some additional information of the peak temperatures in the table:

    +45.7 °C – Mora, Portugal
    +45.2 °C – Alvega, Portugal
    +44.9 °C – Coruche, Portugal
    +44.7 °C – Amareleja, Portugal
    +44.5 °C – Reguzengos, Portugal
    +44.4 °C – Tomar, Portugal
    +44.2 °C – Arcacel do Sal, Portugal
    +44.1 °C – Santarem, Portugal
    +44.0 °C – Pegoes, Portugal
    +43.9 °C – Avis, Portugal
    +43.8 °C – Anadia, Portugal
    +43.3 °C – Rio Maior, Portugal

Portugal SYNOP/METAR stations report via website:


Peak afternoon temperatures reached +45.0 °C in Andalusia region and up to 44.0 °C in Extremandura region:

Interestingly enough, the model that was the closest to the reported Tmax was GFS, which indicated temperatures approaching 50 °C on Saturday.

Another extremely hot day is expected today while tomorrow is likely to be the hottest day of this weekend and could locally become record breaking in some parts of SW Iberia, stay tuned!