Parts of Spain and Portugal are gripped in an intense heat wave. Peak temperatures reached nearly 46 °C yesterday. Let us take a look at the expected peak temperatures today and during the weekend.

Friday, August 3

In general models agree that today will be warmer than yesterday, by about 1 °C. Expect daytime highs up to 45-46 °C today.

Saturday, August 4

Saturday will be the hottest day of this heat wave. Temperatures are expected to peak at 46-47 °C, possibly pushing to 48 °C. If favourable conditions are present, with a good overlap of subsidence and Foehn effect, it is possible a new European temperature record will be reached.

Sunday, August 5

On Sunday the heat will abate just a little. Expect a day similar to Friday, with peak temperatures up to 45-46 °C.

Stay tuned for updates and reports on this extreme event!