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Three very hot days ahead in Portugal and Spain, Saturday may break European all time record

Parts of Spain and Portugal are gripped in an intense heat wave. Peak temperatures reached nearly 46 °C yesterday. Let us take a look at the expected peak temperatures today and during the weekend.

Friday, August 3

In general models agree that today will be warmer than yesterday, by about 1 °C. Expect daytime highs up to 45-46 °C today.

Saturday, August 4

Saturday will be the hottest day of this heat wave. Temperatures are expected to peak at 46-47 °C, possibly pushing to 48 °C. If favourable conditions are present, with a good overlap of subsidence and Foehn effect, it is possible a new European temperature record will be reached.

Sunday, August 5

On Sunday the heat will abate just a little. Expect a day similar to Friday, with peak temperatures up to 45-46 °C.

Stay tuned for updates and reports on this extreme event!