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SWE Photography Contest week #51 of 2020 (Dec 14th – Dec 20th) Winners

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Week 51 of 2020 (Dec 14th – Dec 20th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Kristjan Kõluvere – 394 votes

“Supercell mesocyclon near Estonia-Latvia border in village Helme 07/06/2020” by Kristjan Koluvere

2nd place: Gilad Raz 374 votes

“17.12.2020.Yesterday in israel waterspout.Waterspouts fall into two categories tornadic and non tornadic” by Gilad Raz

3rd place: Lukas Gallo – 293 votes

“Conjunction of Moon, Jupiter and Saturn, Česke Budejovice, Czech republic 🇨🇿 17.12.2020” by Lukas Gallo

4th place: Przemek Rodzik – 167 votes

“Lovely thunderstorm over Katowice Airport. 02.09.2019 Pyrzowice, Poland” by Przemek Rodzik

5th place: Szarvas Bence – 158 votes

“Dobogoko (700m), Hungary 2020 12.20.” by Szarvas Bence

6th place: Maja Kraljik – 131 votes

“Beautiful october dramatic scene with lot of action.
These lightning bolts pierced the sky just above one of the favorite motifs to me from this area..Oct 17th,2020.,NW Adriatic coast,Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

6th place: Marko Korošec – 131 votes

“A rare winter supercell storm rolls into Trieste, Italy. Soon after this shot, a tornado developed into the port of the city. Dec 7th, 2020.” by Marko Korošec

7th place: Anton Kötsche – 125 votes

“Supercell near Lövő (Hungary) 29.08.2020.Also decorated with some nice Kelvin-Helmholtz waves along the edge of the updraft base.” by Anton Kötsche

8th place: Damien Belliard – 102 votes

“Branched lightning in the Vendée bocage (France), May 27, 2016.” by Damien Belliard

9th place: Sebastian Stottinger – 98 votes

“The great Lovo (Hungary) supercell from 29th of August 2020 at our second viewpoint. We had a perfect visibility of the relatively small but dense RFD (here right in the middle of the picture) which barely missed us by only one or two kilometers (around 1 mile).
Fortunately the following hail wasn’t that big at our location, maybe 3 to 4 cm (a bit over 1″) in diameter. But we were lucky, in the direct path of the RFD the fallen hail reached a size up to 8 cm (a bit over 3″)” by Sebastian Stöttinger

10th place: Claire Ingelow – 93 votes

“Yesterday in Genoa, Italy,17.12.2020.” by Claire Ingelow

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