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SWE Photography Contest week #43 of 2020 (Oct 19th – Oct 25th) Winners

Please read the Contest participation guides and Rules here.

Week 43 of 2020 (Oct 19th – Oct 25th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Maja Kraljik‎ – 268 votes

” Morning I had the opportunity to witness one of the most beautiful morning shelf clouds since I photograph storms … June 8th,2018.NW Adriatic coast” by Maja Kraljik

2nd place: Silvia Van Zutphen‎ – 203 votes

“21-10-2020 Rhodos- Greece.” by Silvia Van Zutphen

3rd place: Stéphane Pereira‎ – 202 votes

“Genova, 3 sept 2020” by Stéphane Pereira

4th place: Walter Rose‎ – 181 votes

“POWERFUL lightning strike ; Unforgettable day in Monopoli Beach – Puglia – Italy on 6th August 2020” by Walter Rose

5th place: Angelo Concilio‎ – 175 votes

“Face to face!  16 Oct 2020 Agropoli, South Italy” by Angelo Concilio

6th place: Nuno Batista – 125 votes

“Night dreams….2020.10.22 • Serra do Socorro, Portugal” by Nuno Batista

7th place: Andreas Feichtmeier‎ – 106 votes

“Juny 5th 2019 thunderstrom with a shelfcloud in the night hours near Abilene, Texas.” by Andreas Feichtmeier

8th place: Massimo Ruvidi‎ – 82 votes

“11.09.2020 ; cape of the Sorrento peninsula (Italy)” by Massimo Ruvidi

9th place: Przemek Rodzik‎ – 80 votes

“27.08.2017 Storm over Upper Silesia (2 photos)” by Przemek Rodzik

10th place: Ψιμουλάκης Γιώργος – 75 votes

“Iraklio Crete 22/10/2020 ” by Ψιμουλάκης Γιώργος

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