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Week 43-2019 (Oct 21st – Oct 27th) Contest Winners

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Week 43 of 2019 (Oct 21st – Oct 27th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Andrea Zappia‎ – 356 votes

“Sunset storm in italian village in Liguria called Camogli,may 2019.” by Andrea Zappia‎

2nd place: Lauro Castellano‎ – 232 votes

“Capri island” by Lauro Castellano

3rd place: Maja Kraljik – 228 votes

“Sept.3rd 2017.,Zambratia,NW Istria,Croatia ” by Maja Kraljik

4th place: Michele Sensi‎ – 187 votes

“Giusti tre anni fa…. Casalgrande.” by Michele Sensi‎‎

4th place: Bruno Gonçalves‎‎ – 187 votes

“Last day 22 October 2019, in Carvoeiro,South Portugal” by Bruno Gonçalves‎‎‎

5th place: Brice Volo‎‎ – 173 votes

“August 9,2019, great lightning show on dept ain, France.” by Brice Volo‎‎

6th place: Devid Raziel Penguti‎‎ ‎ – 160 votes

“Saggy mammatus,Polesine Italy 11.6.2019.” by Devid Raziel Penguti‎

7th place: Stefanos Mistrellides – 149 votes

“Upward lightning 19.4.2019 Nicosia, Cyprus.” by Stefanos Mistrellides‎‎‎

8th place: Christian Kreuzer‎ – 142 votes

“Massive rain” by Christian Kreuzer‎

9th place: Gregor Vojščak‎‎ – 135 votes

“One of my first lightning captures to date and without tripod. This was taken at Ljubljana on May 1st 2012.” by Gregor Vojščak‎

10th place: George Charalambous – 133 votes

“Lightning strike hits Limassol bay, on the south coast of Cyprus 23.10.2019.” by George Charalambous

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