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SWE Photography Contest week #40 of 2020 (Sept 28th – Oct 04th) Winners

Please read the Contest participation guides and Rules here.

Week 40 of 2020 (Sept 28st – Oct 04th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Brad Hannon‎ – 371 votes

“Loco Hills supercell going loco at sunset. Image taken near Loco Hills, New Mexico on 2nd June 2019.” by Brad Hannon

2nd place: Sandi Brajnović‎ – 219 votes

“”Getting close”..Cg lightning fest in Rovinj(Cro),on September 3,2019.” Sandi Brajnović

3rd place: Przemek Rodzik – 187 votes

“Cumulonimbus arcus over the Lake Ohrid. 16.06.2019, North Macedonia” by Przemek Rodzik

4th place: Peter Schidru‎ – 175 votes

“2020.09.25. / Hungary / Lake Balaton / Fonyódliget” by Peter Schidru

5th place: Erika Forró – 151 votes

“Balatonakarattya Hungary ; 04.10.2020” by Erika Forró

6th place: Király Péter – 143 votes

“Crazy storm cloud 2020.08.04. ; Hungary” by Király Péter

7th place: Maja Kraljik – 113 votes

“It all started with the formation of a strong,most likely stationary supercell that looked perfect on radar. ; Sept 26th-27th,2020. ; Novigrad/Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

8th place:Gregor Vojščak‎ – 110 votes

“Crazy scenery with nice elephant trunk shape waterspout from strong storm over North Adriatic sea, near Istria, as seen from Italian coastline 120km away. ; Lido di Jesolo/Italy, Sept 27th 2020” by Gregor Vojščak

9th place: Stephen Vick‎ – 107 votes

“Pueblo, Colorado USA ; May 31, 2020.” by Stephen Vick

10th place: Bruno Fantulin‎ – 105 votes

“A cold front hitting Zagreb. 3.10.2020” by Bruno Fantulin

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