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SWE Photography Contest week #38 of 2020 (Sep 14th – Sep 20th) Winners

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Week 38 of 2020 (Sep 14th – Sep 20th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Manuel Gruber – 232 votes

“Yesterday (16.09.2020) at Drautal – Kärnten” by Manuel Gruber

2nd place: Maja Kraljik – 206 votes

“Unexpected epic situation from last month. First I got positive lightning bolt just into the sunset from this small cell that was in front of Istrian coast,and soon also these beauties flew into the frame… Aug 4th,2020. NW Adriatic, Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

3rd place: Ψιμουλάκης Γιώργος – 177 votes

“Iraklio krete 19/09/2020” by Ψιμουλάκης Γιώργος

4th place: Sebastian Stöttinger – 172 votes

“On August 29, 2020 ESTOFEX issued a lvl 3 for northern Italy and it seemed that almost all of Europes storm chaser went to the Po valley. Well, except for Anton Kötsche and me. We decided to go to southern Czech Republic/Northeastern Austria, where ESTOFEX only marked a lvl 1, the parameter however looked very good for supercells as well. We were sure that this one would be the cell of the day so we finally went south into Hungary were we ended up near Lövö with a beautiful classic supercell coming its way towards us. It strengthened right in front of us, got a very strong inflow and made us speechless with its beautiful structure” by Sebastian Stöttinger

5th place: Brad Hannon – 171 votes

“I love this scene!!!!! This six-image stack of the magnificent sunset supercell near Deerhead, Kansas really captures the feel of this storm. Constant rolling thunder, big bolts and eye-popping colour! – June 11th 2019” by Brad Hannon

6th place: Gregor Vojščak – 147 votes

“Close lightning strike from a developing supercell over Trieste gulf on August 29th 2020” by Gregor Vojščak

7th place: Andreas Feichtmeier – 143 votes

“08/29/2020 nice structured supercell with a low-hanging wallcloud, shortly after our tornado near Tarmassia in Italy” by Andreas Feichtmeier

8th place: Urszula A. Żakowska – 116 votes

“Poland. 18.06.2020” by Urszula A. Żakowska

9th place: Kevin Pitcel – 115 votes

“A glimpse of the Milky Way as a thunderhead 50 miles offshore, explodes into the darkness of the Gulf of Mexico. September 12th 2020. Marco Island, Florida – USA” by Kevin Pitcel

10th place: Dwardu Photography – 96 votes

“Islet of Filfla in Malta yesterday night 16/09/2020” by Dwardu Photography

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