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SWE Photography Contest week #37 of 2020 (Sept 7th – Sept 13th) Winners

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Week 37 of 2020 (Sept 7th – Sept 13th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Lukas Gallo‎ – 372 votes

“One more photo of amazing shelf cloud taken near Bernartice village. South Bohemia region/Czech republic ; 28.8. 2020” by Lukas Gallo

2nd place: Görkem KaraDenizli‎ – 185 votes

“Ankara-Polatli/Turkey ; 12.09.2020 15:20” by Görkem KaraDenizli

3rd place: Danijel Palčić‎ – 172 votes

“Shelf cloud approaching Tovarnele, followed by strong NW wind ; Tovarnele, Lun, island of Pag, Croatia, 4.8.2020.” by Danijel Palčić

4th place: Manuel Gruber – 151 votes

“Mammatus clouds…Kärnten / Austria ; 23.07.2020” by Manuel Gruber

5th place: Boris Jordan‎ – 148 votes

“Lightning Producer ; This was one of the most spectacular nighttime supercells I have ever seen. This shot was made at Steenwijk (Netherlands) in the night of 20.08.2020.” by Boris Jordan

6th place: Gregor Vojščak‎ – 143 votes

“Impressive view at majestic supercell with beaver tail and crazy colours SE of Padova, N Italy on August 28th 2020” by Gregor Vojščak

7th place: Urszula A. Żakowska – 126 votes

“Poland, 23.08.2020” by Urszula A. Żakowska

8th place: Csaba Wolf‎ – 121 votes

“The Milky Way with Jupiter and Saturn over Sárospatak, Hungary ; 23rd August, 2020” by Csaba Wolf

9th place: Maja Kraljik‎ – 113 votes

“All started with small shelf cloud which first kissed the slovenian hills,and after that strong cell lifted up above that hills and showed itself in a full beauty… June 8th,2020, Kaštel,border with Slovenia(Croatia)” by Maja Kraljik

10th place: Andi Dorninger‎ – 110 votes

“Anvil Crawler on a former Supercell in South/East Austria on August 22nd 2020.” by Andi Dorninger

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