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SWE Photography Contest week #31 of 2020 (July 27th – Aug 2nd) Winners

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Week 31 of 2020 (July 27th – Aug 2nd) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Danijel Palčić – 543 votes

“Beautiful morning shelf cloud with amazing structures over Pag island..Mlinica, Island of Pag, Croatia, 22.6.2018.” by Danijel Palčić

2nd place: Stavros Kesedakis – 421 votes

“Beauty storm off of Rhodes island Greece….. back in storm season 2018….” by Stavros Kesedakis

3rd place: Boris Jordan – 357 votes

“A distant shot of the impressive shelf cloud at Dorfen east of Munich (Bavaria, Germany) from 02.07.2020.” by Boris Jordan

4th place: Christian Kreuzer‎ – 335 votes

“thunderstorm east bavaria near Schwandorf…26.07.2020” by 4th place: Christian Kreuzer‎ – 335 votes

5th place: Gijs de Reijke – 241 votes

“July 21st: Comet NEOWISE over the North Sea, photographed at the old lighthouse at the Dutch village of Westkapelle. Sea Sparkle and Noctilucent Clouds showed up for the party as well.” by Gijs de Reijke

6th place: Pukuotas Katinas‎ – 223 votes

“NLC clouds over Dusia lake(Lithuania)” by Pukuotas Katinas

7th place: Maja Kraljik‎ – 194 votes

“Nice electrical discharging into the open sea in front of northern Adriatic coast last month…June 24th,2020.Istria,Croatia” by Maja Kraljik

8th place: Marko Korošec‎ – 177 votes

“Comet neowise over the Vrh Sv. Treh Kraljev, Slovenia. July 20th, 2020.” by Marko Korošec

9th place: Mendim Rugova‎ – 175 votes

“After a very hot day, July ended with a spectacular lightnings over Prishtina, Kosovo…31.07.2020 ” by Mendim Rugova

10th place: Massimo Ruvidi‎ – 174 votes

“14/08/2018 the escape of boaters” by Massimo Ruvidi

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