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Week 24-2020 (June 08th – June 14th) Contest Winners

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Week24 of 2020 (June 08th – June 14th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Zbigniew Stańczyk‎ – 379 votes

“Dynów Poland 12,06,2020” by Zbigniew Stańczyk‎

2nd place: Péter Kövesi‎ – 370 votes

“Early evening thunderstorm…East Hungary, near Püspökladány…08.06.2020” by Péter Kövesi

3rd place: Brad Hannon‎ – 340 votes

“The Booker Supercell…Booker, Texas – June 3rd 2013.” by Brad Hannon‎

4th place: Kairo Kiitsak‎ – 293 votes

“Massive shelf cloud in Estonia 08/06/2020.” by Kairo Kiitsak‎

5th place: Андрій Гаврилюк – 275 votes

“Thunderstorm in Volyn region, Ukraine, 11.06.2020.” by Андрій Гаврилюк

6th place: George Vellidis‎ – 255 votes

“Thessaloniki Greece 6/6/2020” by George Vellidis

7th place: Enric Navarrete Bachs – 228 votes

“Lliçà de Vall (Catalonia) 2020/06/09 …. Severe storm with a lot of precipitation” by Enric Navarrete Bachs

8th place: Lukas Jonaitis – 211 votes

“Supercell storm cloud in Lithuania, 8-6-2020” by Lukas Jonaitis

9th place: Francesco Gabbianelli‎ – 210 votes

“under the shelf cloud…10/06/2020 Ancona Marche Italy” by Francesco Gabbianelli‎

10th place: Damjan Šprem‎ – 197 votes

“Stack of three photos taken from my DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone last year on 16.06.2019 above Lake Jarun in Zagreb, Croatia.” by Damjan Šprem

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