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Week 16-2019 (April 15th – April 21st) Contest Winners

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Week 16 of 2019 (April 15th – April 21st) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: Peter Schidru – 191 votes

“Hungary,Balaton,Fonyód” by Peter Schidru

2nd place: Tóth Gábor Gyula – 154 votes

“The majestic Cb Cap Inc,2017.07.23,Algyo,Hungary” by Tóth Gábor Gyula

3rd place: Katarina Kosača‎‎ – 144 votes

“17.4.2019. Up on the sky” by Katarina Kosača‎

4th place: Nemes Attila‎ – 134 votes

“Hungary,Tiszakécske” by Nemes Attila

5th place: Angelo Concilio‎‎ – 92 votes

“Yesterday night, Baronissi (South Italy)” by Angelo Concilio‎‎

6th place: Otto Zachař ‎ – 87 votes

“Czech Republic 2018” by Otto Zachař ‎

6th place: Mauro Vitolo ‎ – 87 votes

“Sacile PN italy,Giugno 2018” by Mauro Vitolo ‎

7th place: Craig Whittaker‎ – 77 votes

“Lightning over Pokhara, Nepal” by Craig Whittaker‎

8th place: Ákos Dornics‎ – 71 votes

“Lake Velence, Hungary” by Ákos Dornics‎

9th place: Adam Likar‎ – 70 votes

“Amazing shelf cloud near Krško,Slovenia on 8th April 2019.” by Adam Likar

10th place: Raphael Michaelides – 66 votes

“Limassol Cyprus 04/12/18” by Raphael Michaelides‎

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