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Severe Weather Photography Contest – Winners of Week #16 of 2021 (Apr 19th – Apr 25th)


Week 16 of 2021 (Apr 19th – Apr 25th)

The winning photographs are based on the highest number of votes received on a weekly basis by followers of the Severe Weather Photography Contest Facebook page. Please read the Contest participation Guides and Rules.



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1st place – WINNER: Andreas Feichtmeier – 235 votes


“Evening mammatus clouds at the end of a chasing day on 08/06/2013 near Dasing in Bavaria. On the day we were also able to hunt a classic super cell near Reutlingen, which set a record with the largest hailstone in Germany with a diameter of 5,5 inch” by Andreas Feichtmeier


2nd place: Laura Fabbri – 173 votes


“5.04.2021 Grasse, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France” by Laura Fabbri


3rd place: Silivestru Ionela Elena – 133 votes


“ROMANIA, (ILFOV)23.04.2021” by Silivestru Ionela Elena


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4th place: Anna Hero – 113 votes


“An hour and a half ago, Hvarski kanal (the channel between island of Brač and island of Hvar), Croatia. The view from Bol, south coast of the island of Brač.” by Anna Hero


5th place: Gyula Csaba Jakab – 107 votes


“Paleu-Romania 21.04.21” by Gyula Csaba Jakab


6th place: Przemek Rodzik – 80 votes


“Short but effective thunderstorm near Dąbrowa Górnicza (one shot).28.06.2020, Poland” by Przemek Rodzik


7th place: Janis Brossard – 74 votes


“September 20, 2020.Memory of an evening in the south-east of France in Saint-Tropez to contemplate while having the feet in the Mediterranean, of a particularly electric storm during the blue hour.” by Janis Brossard


8th place: Máté Sütő – 71 votes


“Alone in the light.Felgyő, Hungary 20.04.2021” by Máté Sütő


9th place: Edu C. Jiménez – 53 votes


“Snow Mammatus Beauty.Vilnius 2021.04.24,11.55am” by Edu C. Jiménez


10th place: Fernando Fernandes – 51 votes


“Lenticular clouds, Romania, 30.03.2021” by Fernando Fernandes

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