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Severe Weather Photography Contest – Winners of Week #12 of 2021 (Mar 22nd – Mar 28th)


Week 12 of 2021 (Mar 22nd – Mar 28th)

The winning photographs are based on the highest number of votes received on a weekly basis by followers of the Severe Weather Photography Contest Facebook page. Please read the Contest participation Guides and Rules.



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1st place – WINNER: Andi Dorninger – 135 votes


“Mean skies in Kansas. June 2nd 2019” by Andi Dorninger


2nd place: Maja Kraljik – 121 votes


“I am so fascinated by this cell that I had to process another one photo…This was the situation when the cell was forming and when the snow virgas were getting bigger.The light was perfect to illuminate everything needed.. Panorama shot. March 18th. Istria,Croatia” by Maja Kraljik


3rd place: Ervin Skalamera – 93 votes


“Ice clouds at sunset. Gulf of Trieste 20-3-2021” by Ervin Skalamera


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4th place: Anna Hero – 87 votes


“It was spring in 2009. I stood above beach Zlatni rât (Golden Horn) in Bol, island of Brač, Croatia (lucky to live here), and made a hundreds of clicks with my compact Sony in automatic mode, trying to catch at least one photo of such a beautiful tiny storm. And did it. Just one. For me enough” by Anna Hero


5th place: Danijel Palčić – 83 votes


“Beautiful CG lightning behind the island of Škrda. Island of Pag, Croatia, 8.6.2018.” by Danijel Palčić


6th place: Przemek Rodzik – 78 votes


“Blazing sunrise over Katowice Airport. 18.03.2021 Upper Silesia, Poland” by Przemek Rodzik


7th place: Christian Kreuzer – 73 votes


“Snowfall in sunset 17.03.21 East Bavaria Germany” by Christian Kreuzer


8th place: Piotr Michno – 71 votes


“Södertälje, Sweden. 20.03.2021” by Piotr Michno


9th place: Francesco Capitani Photography – 70 votes


“Iss transit in front of the moon, yesterday 26.3.21 from Corridonia (italy)” by Francesco Capitani Photography


9th place: Bruno Gonçalves – 70 votes


“SCULPTED SKIES (Black and white). Imperial – Nebraska. May 2019. A magnificently sculpted supercell structure!” by Bruno Gonçalves


10th place: Andreas Feichtmeier – 68 votes


“08/29/2020 massive updraft base of a classic supercell south of Verona in northern Italy. Pentax K1 DFA 15-30mm (keine bezahlte Werbung)” by Andreas Feichtmeier

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