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Week 07-2019 (Feb 11th – Feb 17th) Contest Winners

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Week 07 of 2019 (Feb 11th – Feb 17th) – the highest number of votes received.

1st place – WINNER: George Charalambous – 301 votes

“08/02/2019 Exceptional cloud to sea lightning strike just off Zapalo beach, a few hundred meters away from the coastline!Zapalo beach is located in the southwest coast of Cyprus” by George Charalambous

2nd place: Stavros Kesedakis – 265 votes

“Stairway to the storm…..
massive storm and waterspout off of Rhodes island Greece ,Jan 31st of 2019” by Stavros Kesedakis

3rd place: Dalibor Jud – 253 votes

“Dance of clouds in Velebitski kanal-Croatia,11.02.2019” by Dalibor Jud

4th place: Andreas Feichtmeier‎ – 217 votes

“May 27th 2017 what a structure from a supercell,the cell screws up to the top. Near Stratford in the Texas Panhandle.” by Andreas Feichtmeier‎‎

5th place: Marko Korošec – 156 votes

“A photogenic supercell in Montana, June 9th, 2016.” by Marko Korošec

6th place: Tomo Egredžija‎ – 112 votes

“29.6.2017.Moslavina, Croatia” by Tomo Egredžija‎

7th place: Mariusz Nawrocki – 107 votes

“Mammatus – Septmember 2018
West Poland” by Mariusz Nawrocki

8th place: Francesco Ivan Dalla Stella – 101 votes

“Vicenza,Italy 26/5/2018” by Francesco Ivan Dalla Stella

9th place: Devid Raziel Penguti – 100 votes

Polesine,Italy, 2018” by Devid Raziel Penguti

10th place: Jeroen Kuiten‎ – 98 votes

“Spider lightning above my hometown Zoetermeer (Netherlands)
Summer 2018” by Jeroen Kuiten‎

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