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Severe Weather Photography Contest – Winners of Week #06 of 2021 (Feb 8th – Feb 14th)


Week 06 of 2021 (Feb 8th – Feb 14th)

The winning photographs are based on the highest number of votes received on a weekly basis by followers of the Severe Weather Photography Contest Facebook page. Please read the Contest participation Guides and Rules.



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1st place – WINNER: Stavros Kesedakis – 336 votes


“Epic sunset mammatus clouds display over Rhodes island Greece, Jan 30 th 2021” by Stavros Kesedakis


2nd place: Maja Kraljik – 222 votes


“First storm 2 years ago with a nice formed shelf cloud. It was totally unexpected because it was still cold but the sea was already quite warm,and with the first encounter of the cold front this beauty was formed above the city.. March 18th,2019. NW Adriatic coast, Croatia” by Maja Kraljik


3rd place: Tadas Janušonis – 155 votes


“Ice Pheonix. Amazing light pillar show in Lithuania 02.06” by Tadas Janušonis


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4th place: Tomas Norkus – 144 votes


“Morning. Lithuania, Dituva 21.02.05” by Tomas Norkus


5th place: Marcin Wrzesiński – 103 votes


“Poland, Sierpc 10.07.2020. A very dangerous storm supercell that was about to form a toranado” by Marcin Wrzesiński


6th place: Tomo Egredžija – 102 votes


“Moslavina, Croatia. 8.2.2021.” by Tomo Egredžija


7th place: Tomislav Pribanić-Priba – 97 votes


“Love on the river Gacka! 10.2020” by Tomislav Pribanić-Priba


8th place: Csaba Wolf – 95 votes


“Cold front was creating frozen desk with waves at yesterday from Balaton – Fonyód, Hungary. 11th February, 2021” by Csaba Wolf


9th place: Ervin Skalamera – 84 votes


“TRIESTE-ITALY 4-2 2021. After a night of heavy rain, dawn offered us this spectacle. From our large walkway over the sea, the Audace pier. Trieste is the only point in Italy from which the Alps can be seen across the sea.” by Ervin Skalamera


10th place: Przemek Rodzik – 80 votes


“Deep convection over Zakhyntos. 17.06.2018 Greece” by Przemek Rodzik

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