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Severe thunderstorms hit north Italy – May 11th, 2019

As expected, north Italy was hit by severe thunderstorms yesterday. Intense multicell and supercell thunderstorms were reported across regions Piemonte, Lombardy and Veneto.

Thunderstorms produced mainly severe hailstorms across the region, with numerous locations reporting thick blankets of small to marginally large hail. Notably, a severe hailstorm covered the Malpensa Airport in Milano with a thick layer of hail – the airport was closed for 40 minutes.

Malpensa Airport, Milan. Photo: InMeteo.

Malpensa Airport, Milan. Photo: Vola Milano Malpensa MXP.

While frontal storms were mostly multicells, several discrete prefrontal supercells developed on the Po plain ahead of the cold front, producing impressive storm structure and some storm chaser convergence.

Isolated classic supercell near Montagnana, north Italy. May 11th. Photo: Marko Korošec.

Impressively structured supercell near Bovolone, north Italy, May 11th! Report: Luca Vezzosi.

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