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A very warm airmass spreads across parts Benelux, Germany, Poland, and the Alps tonight, pushing night time temperatures close to +20 °C

Ahead of the large extra-tropical cyclone #Dennis over the North Atlantic and western Europe, and its associated surface cold front, a powerful warm advection is delivering an incredibly warm airmass into northern France, parts of Benelux and northwest Germany this evening. The event is related to the strengthening warmth wave over continental Europe this weekend. The very warm night is expected across eastern France, Germany, Alps and also western Poland tonight, temperatures will locally reach 16-19 °C which is very high for nighttime temperatures in mid-February.

The North Atlantic cyclone #Dennis is very large, literally dominating the whole region and also western and northern Europe now:

Temperatures across Europe this evening reveal an impressive warm airmass developed across France, Benelux and northern half of Germany, especially very warm across the northwest Germany where temperatures up to around 18 °C are observed! Just slightly lower temperatures are over north-central France, while north-northeast Spain is experiencing low 20s this evening. That’s quite remarkable for the evening time in the winter month!

The 850 mbar temperature anomaly tonight will be incredible, so we can expect the very high temperature in the lowest levels, and especially across the mid-levels. Central Europe (Alpine region) could see more than 15 °C at approx 1500 m, that’s around 20 degrees C higher than normal for mid-February!

Looking over the 2m temperatures, we can some area could reach as high near 20 °C during night time hours!

2m temperature anomaly indicates the incredibly warm air mass will be spreading east tonight, along with the advancing surface cold front. 12-16 °C warmer near-surface temperatures are expected across east-northeast France, Benelux, Germany, northern Austria and also Poland.

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