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Warm Monday ahead for parts of western and central Europe

A very warm day ahead in central and western Europe tomorrow: up to 25-26 °C in BeNeLux, 29-30 °C in SW France and up to 30-31 °C across the Iberian Peninsula.

The powerful anticyclone over much of central Europe and the Mediterranean brings stable weather, with clear and sunny skies across much of the continent and very warm temperatures for the season. Temperature inversions with fog may form locally, but mostly erode by early afternoon.


Up to 25-26 °C in parts of BeNeLux, and above 20 °C across the entire region. Map:


Warm, up to 24-26 °C across much of the country, up to 30 °C in the extreme SW part of the country. Map:

Iberian Peninsula

Somewhat cooler than previous days, which went above 34-36 °C. Above 25 °C across much of the peninsula, up to 30-31 °C in the SSW part. Map: