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Very hot weather for parts of Spain and Portugal this week (September 17-23, 2018)

Very hot weather is expected to continue across the south-western Europe this week, as the pattern supports ridging across much of Europe and troughs over the Atlantic, maintaining warm advection into the Iberian peninsula. Daily afternoon temperatures should reach up to 35 °C in some areas and even closer to 40°C over the weekend.

Attached are daily maximum temperature values for Iberian peninsula – all days should easily surpass 30 °C and even 35 °C.

Monday, Sept 17th

Tuesday, Sept 18th

Wednesday, Sept 19th

Thursday, Sept 20th

Friday, Sept 21st

A more robust pattern will evolve over the weekend with strong ridge re-developing into west-southwest Europe and bring even stronger warm advection towards north. The result will be even higher temperatures across southwestern Spain and Portugal. Models are trending into upper 30s to almost 40 °C peak afternoon temperatures, both on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, Sept 22nd

Sunday, Sept 23rd