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UPDATE [Monday] on the ongoing big Saharan dust event in the Mediterranean and large parts of Europe

Large amounts of airborne Saharan dusts are being pushed across the Mediterranean and large parts of Europe. Dust will reach the UK and Ireland today. A wave of thick Saharan dust will push across France, central Mediterranean, Italy and into the western Balkans, going as far as Crete and western Turkey by Monday evening. Expect dusty skies and deposition of yellowish dust on surfaces outdoors.

Monday, April 22nd

Dust reaches southern England and Wales by early Monday morning, and pushes across most of the British Isles and Ireland by the evening hours. Thick dust present over France much of the day. Dust also reaches BeNeLux during the day. Major amounts of dust push across the central Mediterranean: Italy, Malta, Switzerland, the Adriatic region and western Balkans, all the way to Greece and SW Turkey receive large amounts of airborne dust.

Tuesday, April 23rd

Major amounts of dust present over the British Isles and Ireland throughout the day, pushing even further north into the Norwegian sea. Some dust present over parts of central Europe. Major amounts of dust over southeastern Europe and CNTRL-E Mediterranean, particularly Greece and western Turkey! Meanwhile SW Europe and W Mediterranean region, all the way to northern Italy clears, however, a new wave of dust is likely on Wednesday.

Be on the lookout for dusty skies. In many areas, Saharan dust will mix with pollen, producing murky, dusty skies. Areas with rainfall will see wet deposition of quite significant amounts of dust on surfaces outdoors. Dry deposition in areas with no rainfall will produce a more uniform dusting.

Saharan dust deposited on a car in Nimes, southern France yesterday afternoon, April 21. Photo: Dorian Dziadula.

Saharan dust events are quite common, particularly in the Mediterranean and southern Europe. The current event, however, is very large, extending over most of the Mediterranean and large parts of Europe. Also, dust loads transported in this event are larger than typical.

All dust maps by University of Athens – SKIRON model.