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Saharan dust outlook for the Mediterranean and southeastern Europe today – March 23, 2018

More Saharan dust is expected across the central and eastern Mediterranean and southeastern Europe over the next few days. In particular, dense Saharan dust is again expected across Greece on Sunday. See day by day outlooks below.

The active pattern with successive cutoff lows in the central Mediterranean continues. More Saharan dust will be pushed into the central and eastern Mediterranean and also into southeastern Europe. Thursday produced some extreme dust concentrations, particularly over Crete island. This dust cloud will gradually move eastwards over the next two days, affecting Turkey, Cyprus and the Middle East, while new dust is again pushed into central and eastern Mediterranean and southeastern Europe.

Friday, March 23

A belt of dense Saharan dust will still be present, stretching from northeastern Libya across Crete and the southeastern Aegean and Rhodes Island into Turkey and the Black Sea. This belt will gradually move eastwards during the day. Cyprus will also be under thick Saharan dust. A less dense filament of dust will stretch back from southern Ukraine across the Balkans into central and southern Italy.

Saturday, March 24

The belt of thick Saharan dust moves eastward into the Middle East, covering Israel, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. A smaller amount of dust remains over the Balkans, most of the Adriatic sea and southern Italy. Still a very significant amount of dust over Cyprus.

Sunday, March 25

A new major push of thick Saharan dust for Greece and the eastern Mediterranean again. A new cutoff low affects the central Mediterranean, with southerly Scirocco winds pushing major loads of Saharan dust into central and eastern Medtierranean.

All maps by University of Athens, SKIRON model.

Stay tuned for further updates on Saharan dust in the Mediterranean and Europe!