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Crete engulfed in thick Saharan dust – reports

Crete island (Greece) was enveloped in exceptionally thick Saharan dust yesterday, March 22. Check out the photo and video reports from the island for an impression of the exceptional phenomenon. There is another round of thick Saharan dust coming into Greece on Sunday. This gallery is being updated as new reports come in!

33.5 °C indicated and air THICK with Saharan dust in Mallia! Report: Vasilis Chaliabalias.

Heraklion. Report: kbrin‏ @kbrin_ TW.

Heraklion airport. Report: Jenny Christina Stavropoulou‎.

Rapid increase in Saharan dust density over Heraklion. Report: Γιώργος Στυλιανού.

Heraklion. Report: Ποπη Κοκοσαλακη‎.

Rethymno, Crete in thick Saharan dust! Report: Fokion Chorinos‎.

Heraklion. Report: Alisa Rice‎.

Chania. Report: Γιώργος Στυλιανού.

Thick Saharan dust enveloping Arkalochori Photo: Alevizakis Giorgios.

Agios Ioannis, Crete. Photo: Anne-Marie Calderara via Andreas Glabedakis.

Timbakion, southern Crete. Report: Δημήτρης Τριφιάτης‎.

Heraklion Port webcam.

Chania earlier in the day. Image: Skyline Webcams.