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Major waves to hit Sardinia, Tunisia, Sicily, Malta and western Greece over the next 48 hours – January 8-10, 2019

The upcoming Mistral windstorm will kick up very significant waves across the western-central and central Mediterranean: locally over 5 m!

The western coast of Sardinia will get waves up to 4-7 m high from tonight until Thurday afternoon. Major waves also expected on Menorca (Balearic Islands) from tomorrow morning until at least Thursday morning, up to 3-6 m high. High waves also expected in northern Tunisia from tomorrow morning until Thursday morning, also up to 3-6 m high. Expect waves up to 3-6 m high along the western and southern coast of Sicily, major waves also expected on Malta. Beginning on Wednesday afternoon, major waves begin also along the western coast of Greece.

Significant wave height across the western half of the Mediterranean from Tuesday evening to Thursday morning. Map: Consorzio LaMMA.