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Large amounts of Saharan dust to move into western and central Europe in the next few days

Large amounts of Saharan dust will be advected with southerly winds across the Mediterranean into western and central Europe over the next several days.

The large and deep cutoff upper low that is affecting SW Europe at the moment is causing strong advection of air from the south. Scirocco winds blow warm air from northern Africa, with large amounts of suspended Saharan dust far north. Latest model guidance indicates large amouts of Saharan dust being blown across the W Mediterranean, particularly between the Balearic Islands and Corsica and Sardinia, into France and westwards into the Bay of Biscay and onto the Iberian peninsula.

By late on Monday, a major plume of Saharand dust moves across Italy and Corsica into Switzerland, parts of France and BeNeLux and makes it northward into southern UK. By early on Tuesday the largest amounts of Saharan dust are advected across Italy into the Alpine region and a major concentration is indicated across Germany, BeNeLux and the British Isles. By mid-week the plume will likely make it into southern Scandinavia. Consult the maps below for details about Saharan dust at your location in the next several days.

Dust load forecast maps for the next 3 days. Maps: University of Athens SKIRON model.