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Pattern change and a strong rex block over W Europe over the next several days

The progressive pattern with numerous successive lows over western and central Europe gives way to one last major trough pushing into W Europe and forming a powerful rex block during the weekend and early next week.

A deep trough advances across the eastern Atlantic over the Iberian Peninsula today, with its associated frontal system producing quite significant amounts of precipitation. A cutoff upper low forms over the region by mid-Saturday, centered over the central Iberian Peninsula. Persistent precipitation is expected to produce to 30-50 mm rainfall (or corresponding snow) and up to 100-150 mm in the extreme N-NE of the country by the end of the weekend. Thunderstorms may be expected along the frontal system as it moves across the still-warm waters of the W Mediterranean along the eastern coast of Spain on Saturday. We will be taking a more detailed look at this later today.

500 mb height anomaly maps for Europe for Friday through Monday. Maps: Pivotal Weather.

Meanwhile, a broad area of high pressure establishes over northern and southeastern Europe. The broad, shallow low over Scandinavia gradually fills and moves east by Sunday and a strong ridge establishes over the Norwegian sea and Scandinavia by Monday. Another strong ridge establishes over the southeastern Europe and Turkey. Expect stable weather in these areas.

Powerful Nor'easter winter storm will brush across the US east coast tonight!
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Significant snowfall and locally thunderstorms over the Iberian peninsula this weekend
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